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Panhandle Twenty/20 has always used data to drive our actions. We've used it for telling the story of our region, for issue identification, and for metrics to tell us if we are moving the needle or not. In 2003, we launched our initial effort by bringing in our State Demographer, Dr. Steve Murdock. His data and projections told us that we were likely to get poorer and less educated. In 2013, we brought him back for our 10th Anniversary Event. Click to view the video of that event or to see his powerpoint.

For some additional info on educational attainment or poverty, you may click to view short data talks.

For a more in-depth analysis of the Texas Panhandle, Panhandle Twenty/20 subdivided the 26 counties into 5 subregions. Below you can find detailed information, including population projections, on the various subregions, as well as on the Texas Panhandle as a whole. Data sources are shown at the bottom of the documents.